Kelp Review

kelp reviews
Put shortly, this stuff just works. A couple of weeks in and I feel great, I’m able to focus on school and learning has actually become fun!¬†Now I tried Kelp, but I later realized that Blue Green Algae works even better! Keep reading for full review!




Who knew that the lowly kelp can be such an amazing health booster?

I’ve tried kelp before, prepared as a salad at some Asian restaurant. I thought that it was pretty tasty, and that was that. Little did I know that this wonderful algae would be one of the best food supplements that I will ever take in my lifetime.

My love affair with kelp started when I was in the market for some natural food supplements to keep my mild ADD (attention deficit disorder) in check. I used to rely on chemical nootropics back in the day, and while they do worked as promised, they did have a lot of troublesome side effects (e.g. some would keep me awake at night while others just made my anxiety worse) that I need to keep track of. These chemicals can also be quite addictive too. So I finally made the decision to cut these from my life and go natural instead.

A friend swore upon the cognition-enhancing properties of kelp, so I decided to try it out myself. Fresh water kelp was out of the question, since it requires a lot of preparation beforehand. So I decided to take powdered kelp in capsule form.

I bought a 180-count bottle of 500 mg powdered kelp capsules online. My initial dosage was one capsule per day, which I then upped to two capsules per day after two weeks. The results in the first week alone was just amazing.

Kelp Health Benefits

kelp powder health benefitsFirst, it’s important to note that kelp contains lots of iodine, which is an important nutrient in healthy brain function. A couple of weeks¬†after I started taking kelp supplements, I can feel that this algae’s cognition enhancing properties are real and not just a product of hearsay and rumors. I find that I can keep my concentration levels consistent throughout the day, allowing me to finish tasks that would normally require a lot of focus and effort from me to finish. My mind is also clearer and I am not so easily distracted anymore.

Aside from helping enhance concentration, kelp also has energy-boosting properties. I used to take at least two cups of strong coffee to keep myself awake during the day, but I managed to kick my caffeine habit and replace it with healthier kelp supplements instead. A capsule can help me stay awake more effectively than coffee can, since it does not give me a caffeine crash later in the day, or make me feel jittery or anxious.

Kelp can also speed up your metabolism. I can vouch for this myself. Since taking these supplements, I was able to lose six pounds without drastic changes to my diet. It also gave me enough extra energy to exercise, so it’s perfect for those who want to lose weight.

I would highly recommend kelp for people who are feeling a bit sluggish in their day to day lives and want something that will give them a little boost. Kelp supplements are probably the healthiest and most effective of its kind- it’s natural, cheap, and most of all, extremely safe with no side effects.