Rhodiola Review

rhodiola roesa reviewSo, this is not an algea, but it seemed like a really interesting supplement, so I thought I’d give it a try and write about my experience about it anyway.

For some reason, the mention of traditional Chinese supplements has always had me hooked. In one of my health club meetings, I happened to overhear a friend talking about Rhodiola rosea herb they said was capable of a wide range of benefits to the body. I had a passive interest in knowing what this supplement could do but decided that it would not hurt to dig around for more info, and that is precisely what I went about doing. What I found was interesting. Apparently, the herb could help me fight a number of issues within my system, one of them being anxiety, something I had struggled with for a long time.

Here is a bit of information my digging around brought up:

Rhodiola rosea has had a bit of legendary status dating back centuries ago, with Greek and Chinese writers documenting it in their materials about greek and chinese herbs. It is basically a herb belonging to the Rhodiola family and was in the past used for both treatment and therapeutic purposes. In the past, it was available as a herb or extract but in modern times is available in a number of forms-powder, pill, vial, etc. It is stocked in local stores and supplement shops around the world.

My Rhodiola Experience

Recovery of muscles after intense physical activity

So, to the rhodiola rosea benefits. After a sustained period of intense workouts, I need to fall back on the fact that my muscles can recover fast and move on to the next phase . I found out that Rhodiola works by directing the body to produce RNA, proteins and enzymes that make the recovery process faster than experienced with other products. It also has compounds that increase muscle strength in general, which basically means that those using it can go on intense, prolonged workouts without a dip in their energy levels. By narrowing recovery times, it makes exercise and exertion a lot more easier.

Ease in anxiety and depression

I have known for years that Serotonin is a transmitter chemical found in the brain. Known for its wide range of functions, the chemical only works well when its levels in the brain are balanced. Rhodiola rosea is said to aid in the transportation of the precursors of serotonin into the brain, which provides an opportunity of the release of the chemical at balanced levels. Once this is done, the individual experiences a state of mental ease and contentment. Anxiety patients feel relaxed a few hours after consumption, and this state continues for a while. For regular users, the supplement is a dependable solution. I find myself thinking less and focusing more on the positive aspects of my life when on a dose of the product.

best natural supplement for memoryImprovement of memory

I read on the internet that in a study, a group of students were given a standardized dosage of Rhodiola for a sustained period of 20 days. The control group was given a placebo over the same stretch of time. After the 20 days, the group using the product was found easier to teach because the students in it had an improved level of mental alertness. It was also harder for them to forget what they were taught in class compared to the other group and in addition to that showcased better results in exams than the control sample. Now, I’m not doing any exams on the moment but I do admit to feeling light headed, refreshed and at times even more creative after sustained use of the supplement.

Side effects of Rhodiola rosea

My research on the side effects of this supplement bore little in the way of fruits. Sites like WebMD suggest that the product is okay for use especially in the short-term(up to a period of 10 weeks) but that the long term implications of this particular regime are either not known or are a little oblique. There are no studies clearing it for use in special situations like pregnancy, so the experts advise the potential user to stay off it if they are expecting. As for my experience, I have been on the supplement last four weeks and have yet to experience any recognizable side effects.

My overall feel

As indicated earlier, my struggles over the years have had something to do with anxiety. I have found some ways to rein it in but these approaches have been mainly artificial and unreliable. In Rhodiola, I found a perfectly sensible and natural solution, as it almost always gives me that sense of ease and contentment that lasts well beyond the present dosage. The best part about it all is that I get a natural solution to my problem and don’t have to worry about side effects. It would be however important to point out that Rhodiola rosea is perhaps not the best product for those looking for a strong antidepressant.