Spirulina Review

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What is said about Spirulina is simply true, I feel great and my anxiety is fading away! Keep reading for full review. Now I tried Spirulina, however, I realized that Blue Green Algae works just as well, if not better!



Spirulina is not- as most people would infer from its green coloring- a medicinal plant. It is a form of cyanobacterium which would make it more closer to seaweed than any other type of plant life-form. This algae is also harvested as a food source for both humans and animals, and in some cultures, used as a key ingredient in medicinal concoctions.

Trying Spirulina for the First Time I have to admit that I didn’t think too much about spirulina even after reading its history. Having tried a lot of “wonder” herbs and various other medicinal flora in the past with less than stellar results, I really wasn’t that excited about trying another natural supplement.

But try, I did. And I was more the happier for it.

If you search for “spirulina health benefits” on YouTube, you’ll find lots of first hand reports from people who swore that this magical algae had helped them lose weight, control their cholesterol levels, speed up their metabolism, etcetera…but I’m primarily interested in its anti-anxiety properties, as well as the fact that it has tons of helpful antioxidants. There are also reports that spirulina supplements gave people a boost in athletic performance, so I’m looking into that as well.

You can take spirulina in powder or tablet form. Powdered spirulina is more flexible, as you can easily mix it into your food or drink without any trouble. However, pills are more convenient so I opted for that. A bottle of 400 tablets of spirulina pills (each tablet containing 500 mg of the algae) costs around $20 to $25 online and can last you for months, depending on your dosage.

As for me, I initially started with two tablets (one in the morning and the other at night), and gradually built up four to six tablets daily, depending on my anxiety levels.

Effects and Benefits of Spirulina

People were not joking when they say that spirulina is chock full of antioxidants. A month of taking spirulina, I’ve noticed quite a few health improvements that proved to me that this supplement is not just a mere fad. A general boost in my health, I’m not sure how to put it, but I feel clear and healthy.

The best thing to note though: spirulina is as effective as other chemical nootropics that are on the market today. Getting my anxiety levels down to a manageable state used to be such a big problem, but with spirulina, I find that I can breeze through a stressful day at the office without a sweat. Its athletic performance boosting properties are also evident just after a few weeks of taking the supplements- I can run a couple of miles longer during my weekly runs.

All in all, spirulina is a clear winner in my book. It has great health benefits, without the nasty side effects that you can find on lesser supplements.